The following is an incomplete chronological list of published works by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (dates refer to the original Russian publication). Books written under pen names (Arkady Strugatsky writing as S. Yaroslavtsev, Boris Strugatsky writing as S. Vititsky), plays, screenplays, translations, and opinion pieces are not included. Note that some books were published in English under titles substantially different from the original Russian titles (so the original titles are provided as well). A detailed English bibliography is available on the official Web site.

Most of ABS books published in English have been published before 1990, so they may be hard to find. Some, however, are still available via Additionally, some of the books are available in full text from this site, and we are looking forward to adding more over time.


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Available in full text on this site Available in full text on this site


Страна багровых туч (The Land of Crimson Clouds)

Извне (From Without, published in English as From Beyond)

Short stories

  • Спонтанный рефлекс (Spontaneous Reflex)
  • Человек из Пасифиды (The Man from Pacifida)
  • Шесть спичек (Six Matches)
  • Испытание «СКИБР» (The SKIBR Test)
  • Забытый эксперимент (The Forgotten Experiment)
  • Частные предположения (Private Assumptions)
  • Чрезвычайное происшествие (An Emergency Case)

Путь на Амальтею (The Way to Amalthea)


Полдень, XXII век (Noon, 22nd Century)

Стажеры (The Interns, published in English as Space Apprrentice) Available on

В наше интересное время (In Our Interesting Times)


Попытка к бегству (An Attempt to Escape, published in English as Escape Attempt) Available on

Далекая Радуга (Far Rainbow) Available on

Трудно быть богом (Hard to be a God) Available on

Понедельник начинается в субботу (Monday Begins on Saturday)

Short stories

  • Первые люди на первом плоту (The First People on the First Raft)
  • Бедные злые люди (Poor Evil People)


Хищные вещи века (The Predatory Things of the Age)

Беспокойство (Anxiety)

Улитка на склоне (The Snail on the Slope) Available on

Второе нашествие марсиан (The Second Invasion of the Martians, published in English as The Second Martian Invasion and The Second Invasion from Mars) Available on


Сказка о Тройке (Tale of the Troika)

Сказка о Тройке – 2 (Tale of the Troika 2)

Обитаемый остров (An Inhabited Island, published in English as Prisoners of Power) Available on


Дело об убийстве, или Отель «У Погибшего Альпиниста» (A Murder Case, or The Perished Mountaineer Hotel)

Малыш (The Little One, published in English as The Space Mowgli) Available in full text on this site

Пикник на обочине (Roadside Picnic) Available on

Парень из преисподней (A Guy from Hell, published in English as The Kid from Hell and The Youth from the Underworld)


За миллиард лет до конца света (Billion Years before the End of the World, published in English as Definitely Maybe) Available on

Град обреченный (The Doomed City)

Повесть о дружбе и недружбе (A Tale of Friendship and Non-friendship, published in English as A Tale of True and False Friendship)


Жук в муравейнике (A Beetle in an Anthill) Available on Available in full text on this site

Хромая судьба (Lame Fate)

Волны гасят ветер (Waves Calm the Wind, published in English as The Time Wanderers) Available on Available in full text on this site


Отягощенные злом, или Сорок лет спустя (Burdened by Evil, or Forty Years Later)