On this page, we will be posting links to (and, if available, full texts of) works that are related to ABS books. Articles by literary critics and scholars, student papers and fan literature are all eligible.

Critics and Scholars

Stephen W. Potts, The Second Marxian Invasion: The Fiction of the Strugatsky Brothers

Stephen W. Potts, Professor of Literature at University of California in San Diego, presents Arkady and Boris Strugatsky in terms of their dual contributions to the SF genre and to modern Russian literature, placing their work in both its historical and literary context.

Fan Literature

Mikhail Shavshin, The Chronicles of the 22nd Century

This article, written around 1990, is an attempt to compile a chronology of events described (or even mentioned in passing) in several ABS books, including Noon, 22nd Century, A Beetle in an Anthill, The Little One, An Inhabited Island, and Waves Calm the Wind. The article strives for authenticity, so it often uses words (such as “Ranger” or “Reader”) that have slightly (and sometimes, not so slightly) different meanings in the “Noon Universe”.

Sergey Pereslegin 

Sergey Pereslegin has written some truly fascinating forewords and afterwords to the 12-volume edition of ABS’ complete works.  Fore- and afterwords to books about the “Noon Universe” are written on behalf of a historian and active Progressor working on Giganda in the mid-23rd century.